The Dairy Dilemma

We’ve been consuming dairy merchandise for hundreds of years. However is dairy nonetheless the nutritious meals it as soon as was? Immediately, many are asking that query, particularly since antibiotics, estrogen, and radioactive parts have been present in milk over the previous a number of years.

Extra individuals are growing allergy symptoms to exploit and milk merchandise. There’s additionally a worldwide improve in weight problems, diabetes, and inflammatory issues that analysis has linked to the excessive fats and sugar content material of cow’s milk, though different dietary and way of life points additionally contribute.

Historical past of Dairy 

When did we begin ingesting animal milk and why? Research have proven that people started ingesting uncooked milk from animals not less than 10,000 years in the past. Archeological proof contains milk traces in pottery vessels, dental stays, and analyses of historical bones.

Individuals found way back that milk was an entire, nutritious meals that supplied a gentle supply of diet when different meals was scarce.

Via the centuries, extra animals, together with camels, cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, water buffalo, and reindeer, turned domesticated and their uncooked milk was used for meals. The dearth of correct refrigeration throughout these instances additionally resulted within the introduction of yogurts, cheeses, and butter.               

Quite a few scientific research have proven that uncooked milk from cows is correlated with decreased charges of bronchial asthma, allergy symptoms, eczema, otitis, fever, and respiratory infections. Uncooked milk additionally aids in restoration from antibiotic use and supplies many gut-healthy probiotics and enzymes. Uncooked milk is an actual superfood offering all kinds of vitamins together with calcium, phosphorus, nutritional vitamins, iron, protein, fat, and different substances essential for the physique.

It additionally has been found that ingesting uncooked milk facilitates the lactase enzyme within the intestinal tract. This enzyme is essential within the digestion of milk merchandise, particularly after age 2, since breastfed infants get this enzyme from their mom and thus when breastfeeding stops, lactase could lower.

Within the late 1800s, nevertheless, it was acknowledged that some ailments equivalent to tuberculosis, typhoid, diphtheria, and scarlet fever have been brought on by the unsanitary circumstances of dairy farms, particularly these near cities. It was throughout this time that the pasteurization of uncooked milk was launched to alleviate that downside. Pasteurization ultimately turned the usual for guaranteeing secure milk though it was recognized to destroy the lactase enzyme and degrade lots of milk’s different vitamins.

The primary regulation to require the pasteurization of milk was handed in Chicago in 1908. In 1987, the FDA mandated the pasteurization of all milk and milk merchandise for human consumption, successfully banning the cargo of uncooked milk in interstate commerce aside from cheese created from uncooked milk, supplied the cheese had been aged a minimal of 60 days and was clearly labeled as unpasteurized.

The Advantages of Ingesting Milk

Cow’s milk is a big supply of protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, and calcium, in addition to different important vitamins. Lactose or milk sugar is a carbohydrate and is cut up into its two sugars, glucose and galactose, by the lactase enzyme for higher digestion and absorption into the physique.

It has lengthy been acknowledged that milk has the best focus of calcium essential for wholesome enamel and bones, particularly in the course of the rising years. Moreover, calcium helps with blood clotting and wound therapeutic, sustaining regular blood stress, and controlling muscle contractions, together with the heartbeat. The emphasis on calcium and the pasteurization course of launched the recognition of milk in the USA starting within the Nineteen Twenties. This was thought-about one of many main breakthroughs in public well being.

Vitamin D was added to exploit within the Thirties to eradicate rickets, a illness brought on by vitamin D deficiency. This illness softens and weakens the bones and was rampant on the time amongst poor kids, significantly in northern U.S. cities with much less sunshine, leading to decrease ranges of vitamin D. This fortified milk additionally will increase calcium absorption extra successfully.

The Dangers of Ingesting Milk

Allergic reactions  

Infants and adults can each develop allergy symptoms to cow’s milk. The physique’s immune system malfunctions producing allergic antibodies, primarily immunoglobulin E. There are two important proteins in cow’s milk that may trigger this allergic response. The primary is casein, which is discovered within the curd when milk curdles. The second is whey, discovered within the liquid a part of milk that continues to be after milk curdles.

Indicators and signs of a milk allergy vary from delicate to extreme and may embrace wheezing, vomiting, hives, itching, and digestive issues. Milk allergy can also trigger anaphylactic shock. It is a extreme, life-threatening response that requires rapid hospital consideration. Avoiding milk and milk merchandise is the first remedy for milk allergy.

It additionally is feasible to have an allergy to cow’s milk, however to not different dairy merchandise. Dairy allergy seems most frequently in kids, particularly if given cow’s milk after breastfeeding. Most outgrow this by age 16.

Lactose Intolerance

Years in the past, lactose intolerance could not have existed as a result of uncooked milk accommodates the lactase enzyme wanted to transform lactose for digestion. Moreover, with out refrigeration uncooked milk would shortly ferment to create yogurt and cheese eliminating the lactose which is in most non-fermented dairy merchandise right this moment.  

Lactose intolerance has developed for the reason that introduction of pasteurization. Uncooked milk accommodates the lactase-producing micro organism Lactobacillus, which is destroyed throughout pasteurization. Some milk producers add lactase again into pasteurized milk however this adjustments the style and makes the milk sweeter.

Lactose intolerance isn’t an allergy however a dysfunction of the digestive system. In some individuals, lactose intolerance could also be triggered by another medical situation equivalent to Crohn’s illness. In others, it develops and not using a particular underlying trigger.  


There was appreciable analysis performed to judge persistent irritation, most cancers, and different issues equivalent to sinus infections and mucus and their relationship to dairy. As anticipated, there may be a lot controversy on this and ongoing research could assist discover clearer solutions.

Milk and different dairy merchandise are the highest sources of saturated fats within the American weight loss plan, contributing to coronary heart illness, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Research have additionally linked dairy to an elevated threat of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers. Extra analysis is required.

Ditching Dairy

Some people could contemplate ditching dairy when following vegan or paleo diets. Others have considerations about dairy farming strategies and their influence on the setting.

One of many high advantages of chopping out dairy is the removing of extra ldl cholesterol, saturated fat, sugar, and salt, thus lessening calorie consumption and selling a wholesome weight. These fat clog the physique’s arteries growing the danger of coronary heart illness. Cheese may be particularly harmful because of its excessive fats content material.

Dairy can be thought-about an acidic meals that may disrupt the physique’s acid/alkaline stability although some research refute that declare. The talk continues.


The one dairy product you would possibly contemplate conserving is low-fat or nonfat yogurt because it accommodates protein, nutritional vitamins, probiotics, and the calcium wanted with a dairy-free weight loss plan. In keeping with a latest research by UC San Francisco Well being, nonfat yogurt is a wholesome dairy product that accommodates essentially the most calcium at 450 milligrams per cup. One 8-ounce serving supplies about 45 % of your each day calcium requirement. 

Yogurt’s protein content material is round 14 grams per cup relying on the sort. Greek yogurt could present as much as 20 grams of protein per cup.

Yogurt micro organism additionally break down the lactose throughout fermentation so even lactose illiberal individuals profit from this product.

Plant Milks 

Plant-based milk alternate options embrace soy, almond, oat, coconut, rice, cashew, and hemp.

Plant milks are sometimes decrease in saturated fats and energy than cow’s milk and supply a few of the dietary advantages of the entire vegetation themselves. Plant milks are additionally a superb possibility for individuals who have milk allergy symptoms or are lactose illiberal.

Soy milk has been one of many oldest and hottest milk alternate options because it intently resembles cow’s milk. It may be traced again to 1365 in China. There was some controversy round soy for the reason that introduction of GMO soybeans. These have been proven to trigger their very own allergic reactions, so it’s greatest to purchase non-GMO natural soy milk.


As we age, the necessity and even the will to drink milk declines. A balanced complete meals weight loss plan may help keep your well being with out the dangers of weight acquire, diabetes, or cardiovascular issues that may be partially brought on by consuming a weight loss plan excessive in dairy merchandise, particularly milk. 

Switching to nonfat yogurt generally is a clever selection in case you are contemplating decreasing your dairy consumption. Additionally, taking calcium dietary supplements may help, however verify along with your nutritionist for the right sort and dose. Consuming different meals excessive in calcium, together with leafy inexperienced greens, may help keep regular calcium ranges.

If in case you have no recognized allergy symptoms or intolerance to exploit, it’s best to devour natural, hormone-free milk from a good supply.  All the time verify the components to any plant milk for elevated sugars and synthetic flavorings.




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