‘Summer season Season is Conducive for Fish Farming,’ says Professional

Fish Farming

In north-western states, March/April to October/November is the perfect interval for fish progress; the place sensible administration practices can increase the manufacturing and earnings of farmers considerably. Summer season season is favorable for fish progress, however safety towards temperatures exceeding 350C is necessary, knowledgeable Dr. Meera D. Ansal, Dean of School of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences College.

Therefore, farmers shall preserve 5-6 ft water depth throughout peak summer season months to supply a ample snug zone to the fish beneath the recent floor layer.

She cautioned to watch ‘Oxygen’ ranges throughout this era, which can fall to deadly ranges throughout daybreak resulting from enhanced organic exercise. Therefore, aerate the ponds in the course of the early hours of the day earlier than dawn, both by including freshwater or utilizing aerators, to keep up oxygen ranges above 5 mg/l.

If illness and fish gasping for air on the water floor is noticed, present aeration, add contemporary water, apply disinfectant and droop manuring and feeding to enhance the water high quality. Periodic water alternate will additional increase fish progress and manufacturing. Add contemporary water to the ponds and use the nutrient-rich pond water for irrigating the paddy fields throughout this era. It is going to enhance water high quality within the pond and cut back fertilizer requirement within the paddy fields as nicely.

Sustained plankton (pure meals) manufacturing within the pond and feeding with high quality feed as per advisable regime helps in reaching optimized manufacturing targets. Maintain the pond wealthy in plankton by blended utilization of natural manures and inorganic fertilizers. Use farm-made pellet feeds to scale back feed wastage and obtain higher feed conversion effectivity. 

In case water turns darkish inexperienced, brown or greenish-brown in coloration and a inexperienced, brown or red-colored algal mat seems on the water floor, droop manuring and feeding until the situation improves again to regular. Additionally test day-night variation in water pH, which can cross 9.5 throughout peak day hours and fall beneath 7.0 throughout evening hours. Preserve optimum pH vary (7.5-8.5), with lime or alum/gypsum software as per professional recommendation.

Farmers shall chorus from anticipating increased manufacturing by elevated inputs i.e., seed, feed and manure/fertilizer. It not solely enhances enter price but additionally results in much less manufacturing or crop failure. Water high quality deteriorates resulting from overstocking, overfeeding, and over manuring. 

Additional, ammonia toxicity will increase with a rise in temperature and pH, resulting in stress and subsequently illness outbreaks or mortality.  Underneath such circumstances, maintain the ponds well-aerated, add frequent salt and apply gypsum/alum as per professional recommendation.

Adhering to the golden rule of “Prevention is Higher than Treatment’ for illness administration, Dr. Meera suggested the farmers to observe the advisable prophylactic measures with lime (50-100 kg/acre, if pH< 8.0), potassium permanganate/KMnO4 (1-2 kg/acre) or ‘CIFAX’ (400 ml/acre) to keep up fish well being; handle advisable biosecurity measures to test entry of dangerous pathogen; and in case of any illness, seek the advice of an professional for correct prognosis and therapy.

First revealed on: 27 Might 2022, 07:08 IST

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