Natural growers named Saskatchewan Excellent Younger Farmers

Squires mentioned they have been shocked when their names have been known as.

“You noticed the opposite nominees’ shows. We’ve been very lucky to spend the final couple of days with them and study extra about them,” she mentioned. “They’re in a number of methods a lot additional forward, particularly within the cattle facet.”

Upland Organics solely lately added cattle to their operation. Straza mentioned they felt it was match with the grain farm.

“The 2 operations are very complementary in time and assets and by grazing the cattle on our cowl crops, we’re getting a profit for the cattle, however we’re additionally regenerating our land as nicely. It’s diversifying your income streams decreasing threat. There’s a number of advantages,” he mentioned.

The couple felt spending time with the opposite nominees and OYF alumni was additionally a profit due to the varied nature of every enterprise. It was additionally a really skilled group they might speak to and draw from.

Straza mentioned they have been nominated for OYF as soon as earlier than and mentioned they found they wanted to do a greater job of selling themselves.

“Final time we have been possibly a bit extra humble in our utility and our shows. We type of put ourselves on the market a bit bit extra this time. We’ve bought extra expertise for what we did with the cattle,” he mentioned.

Straza and Squires might want to clear some shelf house for his or her latest awards. Upland Organics have additionally been acknowledged by provincial and nationwide organics organizations.

Squires mentioned natural growers are a really tight-knit group that may be very supportive of each other.

“Once we’re being nominated for the natural awards, receiving them, we actually worth that suggestions from our specific sector in agriculture and it’s an enormous honour,” Squires mentioned. “Each awards have been very sudden for us.”

Straza mentioned if he has one message for growers it’s to get entangled.

“We discovered that now we have gotten again greater than we’ve given, and we’ve been concerned in many alternative teams. One alternative results in one other and to a different,” he mentioned. “The those who we’ve met and the alternatives which have been offered have been simply because we have been in the precise room on the proper time. It has been superb.”

Straza and Squires will signify Saskatchewan on the nationwide OYF competitors which will likely be held in Saskatoon in November.

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