Inexperienced Laundry Lounge takes laundry to the subsequent stage

Most individuals consider going to the laundromat as a chore. Inexperienced Laundry Lounge, at 10 Moorlyn Lane, was designed and created to place that notion to relaxation for good. It’s a brand new tackle the laundromat, one which has loads to do and helps the atmosphere as nicely.

Inexperienced Laundry Lounge is supposed to be an expertise, not a chore. It has a farm-
to-table café with a deal with non-GMO, natural meals (courtesy of Greenville’s personal Oak Hill Café) and low store (with drinks from Due South Espresso Roasters) on the premises, to not point out cozy furnishings constituted of recycled materials, free Wi-Fi, iPad stations and books to learn. It’s not your conventional laundromat, to make certain.

“Our espresso and meals are nice,” says Inexperienced Laundry Lounge’s founder and co-owner, Jay Desai, “so individuals really feel like they’re not simply doing laundry, they aren’t performing some chore.”

“Inexperienced Laundry Lounge is a brand new idea in making laundromats higher and extra sustainable.”

– Jay Desai, founder and co-owner

There could be a couple of laundromats on the market with espresso retailers in them, however Inexperienced Laundry Lounge takes it to the subsequent stage by providing a devoted moist cleansing service, which makes use of sustainable cleaning soap and water and no dangerous chemical substances. They’re the primary within the USA to take action.In fact, you’re there to do laundry when you get pleasure from a cup of espresso, a snack or a beer, so the Inexperienced Laundry Lounge has state-of-the-art washing machines from Electrolux, washers with capacities as much as 80 kilos, and dryers as much as 83 pounders. You need to use their self-service and get out and in in lower than an hour, or you’ll be able to benefit from their wash-and-fold or moist cleansing companies.

And the even higher information? You are able to do all that and assist the atmosphere, too.

“Inexperienced Laundry Lounge is a brand new idea in making laundromats higher and extra sustainable,” Desai says.  We ensure we maintain the atmosphere through the use of biodegradable cleaning soap, water and different sustainable materials. It’s type of like a spa to your clothes. And other people see the distinction.”


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