Former college president turns into ‘Dr Snake King’ on his natural farm

  • By Yan Hung-chun and Kayleigh Madjar / Employees reporter, with workers author

Catching snakes has change into an unlikely pastime for former Mingdao College president Eddie Chen (陳世雄), who over the previous 12 years has captured 75 snakes on his natural farm.

This new specialty has prompted his mates to bestow on this physician of agriculture a brand new tile: “Dr Snake King.”

At his farm in Changhua County on Friday, Chen shared his snake-catching secret, which he claims has by no means failed him.

Picture courtesy of Eddie Chen

The trick includes goose eggs, he stated.

As snakes like to eat eggs, Chen stated he retains practically 20 geese on his farm to entice snakes.

The half hour that it takes a snake to eat a big goose egg gives all the chance wanted to catch it, he added.

Catching them isn’t tough as a result of he has the “home-field benefit,” or is aware of all the hiding locations, he stated.

A lot of the 76 snakes that he has caught since opening the farm in 2010 have been the nonvenomous Elaphe carinata, or stink snake, though two have been cobras, he stated.

One stink snake he caught simply final week was 2m lengthy, he stated.

“Catching snakes actually isn’t that tough,” he stated.

Earlier than trying to seize a snake, it is very important perceive which kind it’s, as “when you understand it’s not venomous, there isn’t any motive to be afraid,” he stated.

As he’s acquainted with each a part of his farm, Chen stated he rapidly discovers shed snake pores and skin and is aware of when to be on the alert.

Whereas most individuals are afraid of snakes and attempt to scare them away, Chen stated that he tries to draw them in order that he can catch them utilizing solely his arms.

Requested what he does with the snakes afterward, Chen dismissed insinuations that they style good in a soup.

Chen stated he releases them in fields of grains, watermelon or different crops susceptible to break from mice.

The mouse downside at all times clears up rapidly after that, he added.

Farmers taking the natural route should settle for how issues naturally are, Chen stated.

Snakes are a pure hyperlink within the meals chain and killing them would throw the ecosystem off-balance, he stated, including that making the ecosystem work to the farmer’s benefit is the great thing about natural farming.

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