103-foot desk beckons natural meals lovers to Locavore Farm in Kankakee County’s Grant Park, IL

GRANT PARK, Sick. — Chicago is a premiere meals vacation spot, however 43 miles south of downtown, a 103-foot desk in Kankakee County is providing maybe the truest model of farm-to-table eating.

“We harvest the meals the week of the dinner, up till moments earlier than the dinner,” stated Rachael Jones, co-owner of Locavore Farm. “All the meals we serve; the elements and pasteurized meats come from the land.”

A small natural property positioned in Grant Park, Locavore Farm hosts a four-hour, “Dine on the Land” expertise the place visitors tour the homestead and eat of its bounty whereas having fun with stay music.

“We now have tales in regards to the elements, in regards to the rural setting, and in regards to the farmers, with every course so that everybody has an intimate data of the meals that they are experiencing,” Rachael stated.

Rachael’s husband, Chris, is liable for animals on the property and mans the barbecue trailer, the place the meat and cornbread are smoked.

“To this point I’ve raised about 600 chickens this yr,” stated Chris Jones. “We do hogs, goat, and sheep. I do have a donkey however we do not eat him. He is safety for every part else.”

When visitors arrive, they’re greeted with an amuse-bouche after which stroll to a bar in a barn for an alcoholic beverage. A tour of the farm’s rising beds, animal enclosures, and lodging takes place earlier than a multicourse meal on a pasture begins.

“For many individuals it is a possibility to decelerate and have a good time the great issues collectively,” Rachael stated. “Individuals are pursuing an expertise in extensive, open areas.”

The Jones’ have been drawn to Kankakee County due to the agricultural setting and since they needed extra management over the meals they have been consuming.

“Initially, we did not like the place our meals was coming from and what was being sprayed on our meals,” Chris stated. “So, we determined we acquired to do our personal factor.”

Rachael stated consuming native is necessary as a result of it is contemporary, wholesome, makes use of much less fossil fuels in transport, and it boosts the native economic system.

“Our bucks are staying throughout the farming neighborhood after we develop, buy, and devour the meals in the identical proximity,” says Rachael.

For extra info on Locavore Farm and the experiences they provide, go to locavorefarm.com

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